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Erklæringer i anledning af fredsprocessens genoptagelse i maj 2000


The following is the full text of the statement issued by the British and Irish governments at Hillsborough Castle last night:

1. In recent weeks the two governments have taken stock of progress in implementing the Good Friday Agreement.

2. Much progress has already been made but there has been disagreement over how and when implementation of remaining aspects of the Agreement should be achieved.

3. The governments now believe that the remaining steps necessary to secure full implementation of the agreement can be achieved by June 2001, and commit themselves to that goal. They have drawn up and are communicating to the parties, an account of these steps.

4. Subject to a positive response to this statement the British government will bring forward the necessary order to enable the Assembly to be restored by 22 May 2000.

5. With confidence that there are clear proposals for implementing all other aspects of the Agreement, the government believe that paramilitary organisations must now, for their part, urgently state clearly that they will put their arms completely and verifiably beyond use. Such statements would constitute a clear reduction in the threat. In response, the British government would, subject to its assessment of the level of threat at the time, on which it will continue to consult regularly with the Irish government, take further substantial normalisation measures by June 2001.

6. The IICD (Independent International Commission on Decommissioning) will continue its task under the Agreement. The government will now ask the IICD to consider urgently, in consultation with representatives of the paramilitary organisations, whether there are any further proposals for decommissioning schemes which offer the Commission greater scope to proceed in more effective and satisfactory ways with the discharge of its basic mandate and to report. The government will give early consideration to any such proposals. The Commission will make further reports as necessary. Those reports will be published promptly by the two governments.

7. Progress to full implementation of all aspects of the Agreement will be periodically assessed by the two governments, in consultation with the Northern Ireland parties.

8. If difficulties arise in the implementation of the Agreement (for example, the IICD reports that it does not believe that arms will be put beyond use, or the institutions are not operating in good faith as envisaged in the Agreement), the two governments will, in consultation with the Assembly and the Executive, carry out an immediate formal review under the terms of the Agreement.

IRA statement

The leadership of the IRA is committed to a just and lasting peace. We have sustained that commitment despite the abuse of the peace process by those who persist with the aim of defeating the IRA and Irish Republicans. Republicans believe that the British government claim to a part of Ireland, its denial of national self-determination to the people of the island of Ireland, the partition of our country and the maintenance of social and economic inequality in the Six Counties are the root causes of conflict.

The maintenance of our cessation is our contribution to the peace process and to the creation of a future in which the causes of conflict are resolved by peaceful means. For our part, the IRA leadership is committed to resolving the issue of arms. The political responsibility for advancing the current situation rests with the two governments, especially the British government, and the leadership of the political parties. The full implementation, on a progressive and irreversible basis by the two governments, especially the British government, of what they have agreed will provide a political context, in an enduring political process, with the potential to remove the causes of conflict, and in which Irish Republicans, and Unionists can, as equals pursue our respective political objectives peacefully.

In that context, the IRA leadership will initiate a process that will completely and verifiably put IRA arms beyond use. We will do it in such a way as to avoid risk to the public and misappropriation by others and ensure maximum public confidence. We will resume contact with the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning and enter into further discussions with the Commission on the basis of the IRA leadership's commitment to resolving the issue of arms. We look to the two Governments and especially the British government to fulfil their commitments under the Good Friday Agreement and the Joint Statement. To facilitate the speedy and full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and the government's measures, our arms are silent and secure. There is no threat to the peace process from the IRA.

In this context, the IRA leadership has agreed to put in place, within weeks, a confidence-building measure to confirm that our weapons remain secure. The contents of a number of our arms dumps will be inspected by agreed third parties, who will report that they have done so to the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning. The dumps will be re-inspected regularly to ensure that the weapons have remained silent.

P. O'Neill

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